Our Mission

“The mission of the Tuberculosis Association of Ohio County is to combat tuberculosis and other primary lung diseases in the Ohio County area through prevention, treatment, and education.”


Who We Are

The Tuberculosis Association of Ohio County is a stand alone non-profit organization, serving the needs of residents of Ohio County for over 100 years through several programs that help educate the public and raise awareness of tuberculosis and other lung diseases.

Tuburculosis Association of Ohio County entrance circa 1951

Where We Come From

The organized movement to combat Tuberculosis in Ohio County began shortly after the turn of the century at a time when the disease struck fear in the heart of all people. The movement was organized as the Anti-Tuberculosis League of Ohio County on May 20, 1909, by a group of concerned citizens. The League was composed of dedicated lay and professional persons.

For more information and to delve further into our history, visit our extensive history page.

Further Information

For further information on our association, programs, or how you can help, please contact us. If you would like more information on tuberculosis, its treatment, or its diagnosis, please visit the CDC page on tuberculosis.