Project Breathe Easier

Limited amounts of air-conditioners are given to individuals who meet the program's criteria. The qualifications are:

  • County resident
  • Severe or end-stage pulmonary disease
  • Income at or below federal poverty income
  • No air-conditioner at home.

  • Free Chest X-rays

    Free chest x-rays are provided for un-insured or under insured Ohio County residents with a newly diagnosed positive PPD skin test.

    James T. McClure Respiratory Symposium

    Annually the association provides a respiratory seminar for area healthcare professionals. Professional contact hours are provided for physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists.

    Community Action Program

    Grants are given to Wheeling Health Right and the Ohio County Health Department for respiratory medicines and influenza vaccines.

    Dr. William J. Steger Education Fund

    The association provides scholarships/loans to students from Ohio, Marshall, Brooke Wetzel, Tyler and Hancock in West Virginia, and Belmont County in Ohio. Funds are primarily awarded to students in the respiratory care programs at Wheeling Jesuit University and West Virginia Northern Community College. The scholarship is based upon the students' academic standing and financial need.

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    Anti-tobacco propaganda, such as coloring books, stickers and educational information are given to worthy programs like Ohio County D.A.R.E. program.

    Education Resource Program

    The association has an informational library on tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases that is open to the public and other non-profit organizations.